Maintaining through an Open Access System the library of CMJ University has a lavish collection of books, periodicals, reports and reference material in its shelves and racks. A separate research center subscribes to major technical journals, magazines and newspapers., Photocopy, lamination and spiral binding facilities are available for students in a different section of the library. The University act as keen supplier of knowledge in this age of global access and creates an exposure and accessibility to students through its special facilities like e-journals and online journals. The University seamlessly updated its library every year so that more opportunities for knowledge arise.

CMJ University pride itself in having one of the most comfortable on-campus living facilities for boys & girls in stylishly design spacious and comfortable hostels. Fully furnished and cozy our hostels have a total capacity of nearly 500 students. We attempted to create an ambience where students can concentrate in a surrounding of tree shrubs and groves as well as hills which also imperative to their critical development. The calm serene tranquil atmosphere of our hostel guided by discipline plays a key role in student's personality development because they find time to spend with him.

A fully furnished cafeteria with enough spaces in rows of small tables for serving characterized by neat and cleanliness is what you find in the heart of our campus. You can have all types of nutritious and hygienic food and beverages according to your taste and also many ethnic dishes of north east. Our Cafeteria is a community hub where students discuss many issues that add knowledge via sharing into their cognizance.

The transport system at CMJ University is convenient and easily affordable connecting both Guwahati and Shillong and nearby areas. Busses and taxis are always available in a rapid and frequent way and visitors, students would not get any kind of discomfiture in reaching the campus.

All labs are on LAN having star topology
• Seminars & workshops on Real Time Systems, CDMA, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DB2, .NET technologies for maximum exposure
• Labs are installed with latest accessories like Laserjet Printers, scanners, DVD Writers, etc.
• The software gallery equipped with the latest and essential software to cover the course curriculum
• Round the clock Internet connectivity of 2 Mbps through Radio frequency

Our computing labs consists in latest computing facilities and high speed internet connectivity likewise we have wi-fi connectivity in some areas of the campus.

The University has provided for sports enthusiasts a well equipped Gymnasium, Football ground, Basket Ball court, Volley ball court, badminton court and indoor facility for Table Tennis. The proposed Sports Complex planned at the campus will reverberate with energy and will inspire students to challenge themselves. Spread over two floors the Complex will house indoor courts and Zones for badminton , basketball, billiards and table-tennis besides a recreational area. In addition to these a half marathon swimming pool with gymnasium, jacuzzi and spa is also planned.CMJU also provides professional guidance and coaching for specific sports for interested students.

The University has a first aid centre and has an arrangement with hospitals nearby,24x7. CMJU vehicle is available to attend in case of emergency