Mission , Vision & Core Values


• Outstanding education that is affordable to all.
• Cultivating great careers.
• Creating communities from diverse backgrounds.
• To promote values like reason, intellect, dignity, respect among students.
• To transform the power of education and emphasis on active learning.
• Supporting co-curricular activities we design individuals into a multi dimensional character.


Our vision is to be a national level university with a dynamic and problem solving approach in order to strive against global challenges therefore train our students to secure a different place in the modern industrial society. Some of our visions include-
• Edify our students to succeed
• Deliver superior research
• To secure a position among the leading universities of India.
• Unifying different communities into a single foundation
• Encouraging social, cultural and economic growth
• Secure our future sustainability.

Core Values

• Persistent excellence
• Challenge and ambition
• Open ended and free thinking
• Easy going and socializing.
• Cosmopolitan perspective
•.Leadership hinged upon exploration and innovation.