From the Desk of Chancellor

Dr. C.M.Jha,Chancellor, CMJ University


The demand for quality education is growing and presently it is being met by Universities & Institutions outside India. It is evident from the fact that during the year 2005 itself, more than 80,000 students went to the United States for higher education spending more than $4 Billion annually. Against this backdrop, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the commencement of the first Academic Session of CMJ University w.e.f 16th July, 2010. The University is built on a foundation to promote greater access to quality higher Education, cutting-edge research and contribution to the society. It provides generic skills together with flexibility, adaptability and passion for life-long learning while simultaneously equipping young people with the best basis for careers in any area, including industry and the unforeseen needs of the future. The Unversity's guiding tenet is to nurture and mould talent.


It is also envisaged that the University shall make significant contribution to the cultural, intellectual and social aspects of the broader community. Professors and Scholars working in the University shall leverage their expertise to improve local industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations and regional institutions.The University strives to develop global leaders that will include future Nobel Laureates, Head of States, Olympic Champions, Community Leaders, Captains of Industry, Thought Leaders, Social Reformers, etc


It is believed that the University should build perspective as well as provide meaningful employment skills. In practice, undergraduate education has been isolated from Post Graduate and Research Institutions; further, the rigidity of the Indian Higher Education system rarely allows students to learn across departments even within the same institutions.


Here, I feel proud to inform that the trajectory of CMJ University include liberal arts and Natural Science programmes being offered alongside several professional programmes the students having the flexibility to customize thier education from various offerings at the University. The Arts and Science programmes, finally are the core of all the undergraduate level programme. This University shall also cater to the development and uplifing of the economic conditions and social welfare of the local indigeneous tribes of the state and also the local population as a whole.